Friday, December 19, 2014

Some of The Things That I Learnt in 2014

I learnt that...
  • I'm a lazy ass mofo. I mean, I always know that I am but this year that really shines through like nothing else. 

  • Summer has more rain than winter.

  • Much to my dismay, I love finance more than accounting. I actually enjoy it (my grades might not reflect that fact in a very distinctive manor but hey) and even considered dropping one major to get another but I didn't go through with it. 

  • Sleeping late every night is not a good thing to do. Sadly, I realised this a little too late. I got sick twice this year which is ridiculous because the first year I was here I was healthy all year long.

  • I can cook decent and tasty meal from scratch. I mean, boiled pasta with instant sauce and sausage are good enough for me when I want it quick and easy. But knowing you can treat yourself to a delish pan grilled salmon is a good knowledge to have.

  • As much as I like being on my own in my room, I hate silence. I literally put Spotify all day everyday, all, the time. 

  • It is nicer to be the passenger than the driver. I took driving lessons in June/July and dang it, it was stressful. I nearly crash into a motorcycle. Lucky it did not happen.

  • I sometimes talk trash about my hometown/home-country; the corruptions, traffic, yadayada. But I love it so so much. Last winter was the first time I spent all my holiday at my first home. It was the best holiday I've had so far that I cried for the first time when I was at the airport. 

  • I'm horrible at catching up with friends (sorry about that) and that it is nice to see old friends that you haven't seen in forever. I went to my brother's university for his graduation and I met some of my junior high school best friends that I haven't seen in so long. It was nice. 

  • That you can't fool your heart. You can keep going and tell yourself to stop loving, or to an extreme of hating. Feelings do not become invalid just because you tell yourself that you should not feel them anymore. Some might think love is stupid, but love is love. And you should not deny your own feeling, that is other people's job. You don't have to do it to yourself. Doesn't matter if it was 2 years ago or 7 years ago, if it's still there, enjoy it. If it hurts, enjoy it like you did when it didn't hurt. Basically, just stop lying to yourself. 

Cheers to whatever happened to this freakishly quick year! :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Peluk aku dikala lara
Kala dukamu menerpa.
Pergi dariku waktumu teduh
Waktu riamu menyentuh

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pisces, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Taurus

I just realised how little I talk about them in here, yet they are one of the best things in my life that happen to me.

These people are my best friends, my family, and the one that has been there for me through all the ups and downs away from home. I love how we would have impromptu group video call every now and then even though we all live in 3 different continents. I love how nothing has changed for 5 years. I honestly hope that we all will be the best of friends for life.

To Met: thanks for being such a warm and welcoming person when I first started high school. Thanks for letting me into the music circle and giving me heaps of opportunities to do what I love the most. Thanks for all the help, the laughs and the love.

To Uwi: thanks for being such a great person, for all the movie and restaurant/cafe recommendations, for putting up with me throughout my gap semester and willing to go with me to random places just so I wouldn't go there on my own. Thanks for all the help, the laughs and the love

To Sha: thanks for being a fellow Pisces, a great person, and for being so vocal about your opinion. I literally learnt about a lot of new perspectives and issues just by talking to you and I am so grateful for that. Thanks for all the help, the laughs and the love

To Thas: thanks for being my first ever friend in high school and making a lot of the transition easier. Thanks for making me a little less homesick in the first few months/years of high school. Thanks for all the help, the laughs and the love.

I love you ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

At First Sight

I love you at that time
you shook my hand
and say your name.
It still lingers
in my mind, in my heart,
the way your eyes were so calm.
The way you smile.
I remember your hands firmly
shaking mine like a memory foam
was embedded in my hand

I love you at that time
our eyes locked.
You remember who I was and
you smile.
I hesitated, trying
not to keep my hopes up.
I remember
your smile,
before the moment got interrupted.

I love you in between
all that time.
All the time.

I love you just then
when you looked around the room.
When once again our
eyes locked, smiles exchanged.
The heart died a little when
I realise you don't remember.
The heart died a little
more when you were walking

I love you at that time
I love you in between
I love you still and
I hope for always.

Braddon, 18 August 2014
04.03 AM FH S859

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