Friday, April 4, 2014

Toilet RANT

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you know that I'm in uni and I live in a residential hall/college. And today, I would like to just rant about the toilet. Yup. Classic.

My hall is co-ed, so boys and girls are all welcome here. We're also a mixed of international student, like I am, and also inter-state students. So, different backgrounds and culture, yay for diversity!

The difference between my hall and others would be that it is like living in a hotel, with no bathroom, TV or kitchen inside. In fact, my hall used to be a hotel in the olden days, used to housed single young public sector workers here where I live. So, it has 10 stories, one floor would have around 26 people, and we have to share bathroom.

So, I'm gonna give you background about the bathrooms so that you can create a mental image for yourself (if you want). We have three different categories: male, female and unisex. Inside there are one shower room, one shower room with a bathtub, and two toilets. My room is closer to the unisex so I can speak for both female and unisex bathroom.

And, OH, MY, GAWD! Some people are disgusting.

Warning: it will get really disgusting from here. You've been warned.

Almost every night I come in and see "water" on the seat and on the floor. One time, I stepped in a poodle of "water" and I threw my thongs right away. I also have seen what I would call the consequences of getting wasted all over the place. And the number two not being flushed properly.

In my first year, when I first see such things, I thought to myself, maybe they were just having a really bad day. Then I had a bad day and I didn't do any of that. When I see that all those occurs quite regularly, I began to narrow it down. The unisex bathrooms are far from the others. Only quite a few people use it because others will go according to the genders. Out of those many people I couldn't help but think of who's doing so many harm to a shared environment.

Like, do they not realise that after they're done, other people will use the same thing? For the same purpose?

Did they ever think about how they would feel when they see the toilet all messy? How would they feel if they have to step on "water" on the floor?

And, lastly, are the guys REALLY trying to aim???

Because everything is just all over the place but not in the right place. Pee on the floor, on the seat, tissues everywhere. Chaotic.

I mean what is so hard about flushing? It's not like we have to pour water ourself, it's just a lever you need to pull it down and water will flow. Like, really?? Do you not do that at home? I'm pretty sure you started to do that by the age of 3 because flushing is fun as a child. Or maybe not. I was thinking the other day, maybe those people have their own bathroom in their room that they never have to clean themselves. So, maybe, they have this bathroom in their room and after they use it for any reason at all, other people will come and clean it for them so when they need to use it next time it's all clean and fresh and beautiful.

Anyway, the point is, if you live in a share house or a residential college/hall or in a place where you need to share bathroom, please PLEASE be considerate. Think about your friends around you who will definitely have to use the same toilet as you. Don't be a selfish jerk, you're way better than that.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The 1st Quarter of 2014

Inevitable procrastination blogpost!

Here are some things that happened to me in March 2014! :D

One of my best friends, Anita, and I used to have the same classes on our first year. Sadly, this year, we're taking different courses so we can't see each other a lot during the week. So, we arrange catch-up lunch every two weeks on Friday for us to chill and stuff.

The picture below was in February, I think. The sky was a bit grey and gloomy and it was windy. We were sitting down in one of the ovals around campus, chatting and watching the Japanese play softball. That was our view.

We also heard a man playing bagpipe so we decided to walk to the source of the music. We found a man playing bagpipe by the river. It was so unexpected yet peaceful at the same time.

Then, my hall had a commencement dinner. It's a formal welcoming party held every year by each colleges. Ours was in Australian Institute of Sport. This year, we actually sat down and had dinner and it was way better than the year before.

Because it's a formal event, we had the chance to dress up a little bit and looked all fancy-like.

I also was given the opportunity to be one of the committee member of Konferensi Internasional Pelajar Indonesia 2014. The event went great, I met lots of important and soon-to-be-important people and made lots of new friends. This is my first ever conference and it was great to sit down in the room and listen to people's presentation. I got the chance to be in the Politics and Culture sub-theme (but as a committee so I just sit down and make sure everything runs according to schedule) but it was great to hear new ideas and discussion. We also had workshops and seminars and a closing lunch event in KBRI and everything was so much fun.

The committee, participants and important people in Balai Kartini, KBRI. 

Then, right after KIPI finished, I had potluck night with church choir peeps. We ate some delicious food, yummy and beautiful dessert that Tiffany made, and played board games until 1AM in the morning. We played Catan, which was voted the best game of 2013 or 2012. But, it was the most confusing game ever and I don't understand a thing. Good thing I was in a team with JJ, who know it so well and we won :)

We also played Taboo which is waaaaayy better than Catan and it opened our eyes to the other side of each other's mind. We ended the night watching weird videos on YouTube.

And, that's the highlights so far!

I have assignment due in a week that I haven't started and mid-semester exam in 2 weeks that I haven't prepared.

So, yeah, work hard play harder and wish all of us (me and you) bunch of luck!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day Massacre! (if you get this reference, comment below so I can give you lots of cool points)

It's the February 14 and you can smell the love in the air. The smell of chocolate, flowers, alcohol, and tears of happiness and sadness. It's the commercial holiday that was created so that the florists, card maker company, chocolate and alcohol producer will be rich because there is no more holidays until the end of the year again.

I'm just going to share my Valentine's day with you guys because why not? ;)

I just got back from home to home yesterday where I spent almost 11 hours sitting down (I'll get down to details in another post). I got the same room that I got last year which is soo nice because I love this room. I also got new set of curtains in the color of navy blue (which is my favorite color). Oh, and I also have Joel as my SR which is uhmazing because he's the only SR that I know best.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be unpacking today. I've been quite a good girl and unpacked one box and a small suitcase yesterday. But it's Valentine's Day, I have better things to do than unpacking.

So, I spent most of my time sleeping. I slept for about 14 hours today which was so fun. Then, Sarah came back so I talked to her and helped her move her stuff because she moved floor (which is very sad). Later at night, Pauline, Khadeeja, and I went to Sarah's room and terrorised Khadeeja to clean her room and ran down the fire exit to her room. How exciting.

After that, I came back to my room decided to locked it and sang along to my iTunes. Joel knocked on my door to gave me fake noise complaint which failed miserably. Then Lip Yi, Joel and I went to his room about to watch 12 Years a Slave (I have no idea what this is but it sounds like a good movie with a sad story line). That plan also failed. Instead, we ended up having a karaoke session and sang along to Disney songs, Queen's, A Thousand Miles, What What In The Butt, Super Bass, and Wrecking Ball (with me putting water on my face as tears)

That ended, and I have been sitting down in front of my laptop listening to songs while talking to my chums (NaNadine) and my best friends (MeiThasya) on WhatsApp. Oh, international love.

I was about to watch Camp Takota starring the holy trinity; Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart. Sadly, I don't have my ethernet cable yet and my wifi sucks.

Anyway guys, how is/was your Valentines Day? Tell me down in the comments below for me to read so I don't feel sad :')

Hope you nice people have an amazing Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Guling Awareness Day #Thanksguling

Kemaren @indoprobs (yang lalu didukung oleh @indooverseas) bikin Guling Awareness Day yang akan disebut dengan Thanksguling. Thanksguling Day bakalan jadi tradisi yang diperingati setiap hari Rabu terakhir di bulan Januari.

Ngomong-ngomong guling, siapa sih anak Indonesia yang tidurnya nggak pernah pake guling? Anak Indonesia sama guling itu udah kayak air putih sama gelas. Mereka saling melengkapi, kayak gelas yang mendekap air, anak Indonesia mendekap guling. Pokoknya guling itu nomer satu deh, nggak pake bantal gapapa asal ada guling.

Kenapa anak Indonesia (baca: gue) ga bisa lepas dari guling?

Karena waktu kecil kita tidurnya satu kasur sama ayah dan ibu dan kalo malem pasti dikelonin. Kalau nggak dikelonin (atau selain dikelonin), kita pasti pas tidur meluk ayah atau ibu kita deh. Entah tangannya, jarinya, apa aja pasti ada yang kita pegang.

Begitu udah gede, nggak ada lagi kan yang bersedia ngelonin kita kalo mau tidur? Biar mandiri. Pacar nggak punya, lagian juga mana boleh, kan saru. Tapi sebenernya kita juga ga mandiri-mandiri amat sih, karena ada guling tadi. Guling yang selalu siap dipeluk, dikelon, dan di jelimet-jelimetin kalo lagi gejolak hormon (maksudnya PMS).

Selain itu, memeluk seseorang (atau dalam hal ini, sesuatu) itu sehat. Menurut riset yang pernah gue baca, setiap lo memeluk, otot lo yang tegang akan jadi lemas, memperkuat sistem pertahanan tubuh, dan meningkatkan oxytocin levels yang bisa menringankan perasaan depresi, sendiri/isolasi, dan kemarahan.

Jadi, agak terjawab kenapa setiap anak Indonesia (lagi, gue) tidur pake guling, kualitas tidur gue pasti lebih bagus dan pas bangun pasti perasaannya bisa lebih lega dan lebih segar. Tak lain tak bukan, karena gue baru aja menghabiskan sekitar 8 jam meluk guling.

Dan lagi, guling adalah yang paling setia. Dari dulu kalo marah, sedih, atau bahagia sekalipun pasti ada luapan-luapan emosi yang akan dilakukan secara private dikamar. Gimana caranya? Antara joget-joget sendiri, nggemes sendiri, atau meluk guling. Apalagi kalo lagi sedih. Isinya kan pasti cuman masuk kamar, dengerin lagu menye sambil meluk guling toh?

Kalo nangis, yang nyerep air matanya siapa?

Kalo marah, yang dipukulin siapa?

Gulingnya diem aja, tetep nemenin lo nangis, tetep nerima aja lo pukul-pukulin. Abis itu, gulingnya tetep terima-terima aja lo peluk sehabis lo capek nangis dan marah-marah pas akhirnya lo ketiduran.

Dan inilah alasan-alasan kenapa guling itu penting buat gue.

Happy Belated Thanksguling Day! #GulingAwarenessDay
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