Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easy DIY: No-Sew Phone Case

 I was scrolling through Buzzfeed yesterday night and I found this article about easy no sew DIY projects. I have been wanting to do some DIY projects since I am still on my Easter Break procrastinating (as per usual). I decided to do one of the projects: Duct Tape Phone Case.

I follow the steps from this original article. The steps are all written clearly with pictures along the way to make sure that you can follow easily and correctly.

Here are the main materials that you will need:

  1. A piece fabric of your choice. You can even use your old clothes or a blanket, make it more cosy and sentimental. You will probably need about 20cm x 25cm but it all depends on the size of your phone
  2. Duct tape. You can use the usual ones but the pattern and colour duct tapes are a lot more fun to see.
  3. Scissors
  4. Stapler
  5. Velcro

And these are just in case you need it: fabric glue and glitter tape

I'm not going to bore you with the steps because that would also be plagiarism. Not really, I just don't think I can do any better explaining the steps than the original article did. So you should really check the link out!

I did mine in about 2 hours and though it is not the best, I am really pleased with the result! It looks cute outside and the inside.

It is a little bit too big for my phone but I am glad that I made it a little bigger. I think I can use the extra space in the pouch to carry earphones, cards or some money when I am in a hurry. 

One thing to know is that this case is in no way will protect from bumps and falls. This is more of a pouch that it is a case. If you fancy it, you can also add some wrist or shoulder strap to it. Also, it is quite hard to keep the velcro in place on the duct tape side for me. The fabric glue did a good job on the fabric side. However, the duct tape side does not really work with fabric glue. I ended up stapling the velcro to keep it firm then use the glitter tape to hide the staples. It looks good as an accented point as well!

Don't forget to try this for yourself. It is insanely easy and appropriate for kids project (with adult supervision). Also, the result is lovely!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Last Week's Food: Lonsdale Street Roasters and Gelatissimo

Welcome back to the new segment of Last Week's Food!

I've been upping my photos skill for this segment and took time to edit it a little bit so it looks prettier than what it actually is. So, here we go:

Last Sunday, a friend of my friend came to town for a visit. She wanted to go to places that is very Canberra so we took her to Lonsdale Street Roasters/Eatery!

Lonsdale is a street in Braddon, ACT, where you can find many people hangout at nights and weekends at heaps of cool cafe and eatery. There are a lot of choices for food around the suburb, from vegan to all-meat, Asian to French, outdoor or indoor, you make the decision. 

For brunch last week, I opt for the classic grilled/roasted salmon and eggs Benedict with corn bread. If you're worried about the small portion size of cafe's foods, don't be. You get plenty at Lonsdale Street Roasters. As you can see you get 2 blocks of salmon belly, a big corn bread, and 2 eggs Benedict. It was yummy and soo fulfilling. 

Lonsdale is famous for its coffee. Sadly, I did not order it last time. My friend did but I forgot to take a picture of it. It smells delicious, though!

Instead of coffee, I ordered a chai latte (my go-to drink). Look at this gorgeous glass of chai latte. Also, check out the little spoon! There is a mini vintage car at the end of the spoon. A great attention to detail. 

The cafe is also pet friendly. There are many people bringing their dogs to enjoy the breakfast with them. However, I'm not sure if there is a special food for the pets. Anyway, this is one of the greatest cutest dog we saw that day. I think that's a great dane? Or a Dalmatian? Anyway, it was bigger than the table and so calm and super adorable. 

The rest of the week was not that special in terms of food. I spent a lot of time in the library doing assignment so I did not take pretty pictures. Also, the food wasn't that special.

But I got some vouchers of buy-1-get-1-free Gelatissimo and decided to use it. You know, college kids mentality. Wherever discount is present, we are there. It's been such a long time since I had Gelatissimo. As per usual, I bought the classic chocolate flavour gelato and it was heavenly. (Sorry the cup is dirty, I was half way eating)

Anyway, that was a look back of the food (with better quality photos). Sorry it was only from 2 different place but hopefully you guys enjoy this post! x

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last Week's Food

Here's a little post about the food that I took a picture of last week.

Guzman y Gomez was having $5 burrito for 5 days. As a true college student with a budget, of course I have to go and reap the benefits. Out of the 5 days, I went twice. Seriously, it was the best. First of all, Guzman y Gomez burrito is heavenly good. Then, it's half priced. Nothing is better than this. I went for pork burrito bowl and spicy chicken burrito (not pictured). They were amazing. 

I was craving Japanese food on weekend so I order a sashimi salad for takeaway. It's been a loong time since I've had sashimi and boy-oh-boy, was it good. You know when you're craving something that you haven't had in a long time, the food suddenly taste so good? That was what happened. 

Lastly, a good old Indonesian fried rice (nasi goreng) with a sunny side up. A little something to make me miss home a little less. 

I'm thinking of doing this every week or maybe every other week. I don't eat takeouts everyday but the food that I cook doesn't look pretty. But hopefully one day I'll be confident enough to share my cooking on here. For now, these are the food I enjoyed last week!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Do you ever think of creating a new blog, start a new place, a fresh blank space?

Yes, many times. This blog sort of harness my memories for about 7 to 8 years. A lot of things that might not make sense to you, the readers, make a lot of sense to me. This blog was a compilation of my stories, vaguely personal, mostly about love and friendship. Many of the posts reminded me of a specific events, sometimes even a specific conversation.

This blog revolves around some of the important people in my life. As we grow up, we all know we change, so do other people. People move on. I did, my important person did, my friends did too. Sometimes, we move on without ending what was established. Sometimes, people need to move on completely. The table of plenty has turned into table of empty. And we learned to move away from that.

The time taken to find a new table is not the same for everyone of us. It might take longer for some people and that's okay. People are not accustomed to change and some people stay in our lives to teach us how to let go.

That's why I never go through with the plan of creating a new blog. Life has its highs and lows. It has many many pages to be turned and each one of them is always a fresh new one. The pages I turned in the past were the ones that lead me here, with my own victory marks. You have victory marks/battle scars to show the world that you went through a personal battle, whatever it is, and you won. You survived. You are ready for the next battle. I want to remember my fights and my highs, as well as my lows as a humble reminder.

Whatever they may be, you can go through your battles too. Don't give up and show your victory marks proudly;
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