Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Don't Like Beauty Salons

I hate beauty salons.

Okay, it's a strong word. Let me rephrase. I dislike beauty salons.
I only cut my hair once a year. The maximum would be three times if I ever bothered to get it trimmed. Every time I have to go to a salon, I need someone else to come with me because I hate it. (yes, I'm a girl and I'm almost 20)

Why do I hate salons?

The place is full of judgemental looking people. I have no idea about hair care/regime/products/and so on. And, because the salon is only 5 minutes from my house by motor cycle, I always go there with shorts and my brother's old t-shirt that looks baggy on me. You would not think that I'm a girl who knows fashion and/or beauty when you see me. (But that is literally who I am)

The receptionist in salons always looks like they know everything and they will judge you by how you look. They ask me what I want and I was like, "I want a cut". Then they always look at me like I haven't finished my sentence.

After quite a long pause, then they would ask you if you want a wash, and a blow dry, do you want treatment or color, who is your preferred hairdresser, and so on and so forth. To which I would answer, yes, maybe, no, I don't know... And the receptionist would look at me like I'm a 3 year old child.

Everyone who come in and out of salons when I'm in one would always know everything. They would know the receptionists (first and foremost). If the receptionist says something along the lines of, "You have to wait for (insert hairdresser name)", those people would walk right to the person and chat to them like they're some old friend (but you wouldn't be able to hear it).

What are they talking about???

Next. I don't know if this is just me or do other people's hairdresser would do whatever they think looks good on you? Maybe because I cut my hair only once a year (or less) that I don't get the same hairdresser every time?

Like, last time I cut my hair, the hairdresser asked me how I want to cut it. I answered, "Just cut it shoulder length, one length."
Next thing I know he started to explain all this things he's going to do with my hair because he said one length cut would look to stiff around my face and because I didn't want to argue, I just smiled sheepishly which he translated it as a yes.

Then comes the blow dry, which was pleasant just like when they wash your hair :)

When I came out of the salon, like most girls would feel, I hated my hair cut.
But I would come again at some point in time...
Oh the dilemma.

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Thanks, guys! x :)


Anais D said...

Hahah! Don't worry, I haven't put a foot in a saloon for over ... 4 years? yeah, pretty long time! Luckily my hair grows very VERY slowly :)

From Making Things Alive

franpancino said...

Hey Anais (sorry I can't find the reply button)
But lucky you 4 years is a very long time! How do you keep it so healthy and long? :O

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